Langton's is Australia's leading fine wine marketplace. Langton's was founded in Melbourne in 1988, a Sydney office opened the following year. What set Langton's apart from the outset was its passion and belief in Australian fine wines. Its first Classification of Fine Wine in 1990 was a genuine innovation. Since then it has become the ultimate form guide to local fine wines.

Langton's was instrumental in developing the auction market for Australian wine and in building the Australian market for fine imported wines. Langton's was also a key player in the extraordinary success of Penfolds Grange and other elite Australian wines. Indeed, when Penfolds began its Red Wine Recorking program in 199, Langton's was on hand to provide Grange owners with independent advice. This relationship continues.

While it began as a specialist wine auction house, Langton's now also embraces a comprehensive online wine business together with a private wine broking operation. It has also now a significant presence in Hong Kong and has been working closely with Pudao in the mainland over the years.

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The most highly prized of all Australian fine wines. Representing generations of effort and character of place.
The best of Australian winemaking practices, vineyard provenance and regional voice.
Australian wines of consistent merit. Steadfast, popular and expressive.